— it’s a global business. No matter the size or location of your hog operation, the name of the game is to sell pounds of pork. The good news is the world loves pork. As the most consumed animal protein, people are selecting pork 40% of the time.

Currently, pork demand is good, with people worldwide buying it. However, poultry is closing the gap. As Steve Meyer of Kerns & Associates says, “Demand is always a risk, simply because it can be so fickle.”

Changes, especially in the export market, can happen on a dime.

Around the world, hog farmers are expanding their herds. More pigs globally, coupled with solid production performance in the United States, mean more product to sell — all while competitive meat and poultry are also expanding production.

Sow production is serious business around the globe, and National Hog Farmer recognizes its value to the global pork trade. Regardless of a hog’s producer’s location or production practice stile, the pork supply chain starts with the sow.

Pork producers make large investments in many facets of production, but the most significant foundational piece is the genetic package. The sow dictates not only the number of pigs, but more importantly, the quality of pigs as well.

The swine business worldwide is transforming. The major players in the pork game are shifting. The GlobalMega Producer looks at the big picture — the interconnection of world pork production.

The list identifies the 27 pork operations in the world that own more than 100,000 sows. They raised the bar adding 1 million sows to the mix over the last year.
Here are some key facts from this year’s Global Mega Producer list:

■ The 27 mega producers together own 8.2 million sows.
■ The mega producers are spread across eight countries.
■ More mega producers reign from the United States; however, China is not far behind.
■ Smithfield, a subsidiary of WH Group, holds on to the top spot, but Wens is not far behind.
■ Zhengbang makes the biggest move up the ranking, rising from 24 to 10.
■ China’s mega producers added the most sows, with the addition of two new operations, along with several farms adding more than 100,000 sows in one year.

article by Cheryl Day, National Hog Farmer

Get acquainted with Global Mega Producer 

Twenty-seven pork producers owning 8.22 million sows can claim the title of Global Mega Producers for 2017. The Mega Global Producers are as diverse as their geographic location.

Honoring the Global Mega Producers