Global Mega Producer is a comprehensive picture of the worldwide pork industry. This elite listing of hog producers, with each managing over 100,000 sows, illustrates the diversity of the global swine business.

Pork is the most consumed animal protein around the globe. As the world population climbs along with disposable income, the competition to supply the world with wholesome, safe pork is heating up.

Together, the world’s pig farmers produced over 111 million metric tons of pork in 2017, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. China, the European Union, the United States, Brazil and Russia lead the way, supplying 86% of the total production worldwide. 

Pig farming is all about selling pork. It is not about selling individual animals but raising delicious pork for the global table, and that all starts with the sow. The production and efficiency of the sow is quintessential to the success of the swine business. She has one job — to deliver the best pigs that perform well.

Regardless of the geographic location, the pork supply chain begins with an investment in the sow through solid genetics, precise nutrition and high-performance facilities that enhance efficient growth.

The global swine business demographics are transforming. Currently, the majority of the world’s pork producers are in some form of expansion mode as the largest pork-producing country, China, is shifting to grander, more efficient operation.

Sow production is a serious business for pork producers worldwide, and National Hog Farmer recognizes its significance to global pork trade. The Global Mega Producer is a comprehensive picture of the worldwide pork industry, highlighting the minority that own more than 100,000 sows.

It takes all pig producers, processors and business partners to provide pork for the people around the globe, especially as the mouths to feed will grow substantially. The size of the operation does not define the quality of pork produced.

However, hogs are moving around the globe. The herd size in pork-producing countries is fluctuating with overall growth in the world’s pig population. In order to be a significant player in the pork export game, it pays to identify the players in the world’s pork industry.

The Global Mega Producer list presents a global snapshot, illustrating the shifts in pork production. In the following pages, you will find the interconnected world of pork production. Where is the pork being produced around the globe? Who is eating the pork? These are all questions we examine in this special project, the Global Mega Producer.

Today’s pig farmers not only compete locally, but also internationally. Supplying the world with pork is not without competition. Looking at the big picture, all the major pork-producing countries want to grow their market footprint. For the majority of these countries, the export market is essential to increasing sales and supporting hog prices across the globe.

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article by Cheryl Day, National Hog Farmer

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Twenty-seven pork producers owning 7.24 million sows can claim the title of Global Mega Producers for 2017. The Mega Global Producers are as diverse as their geographic location.

  • Producers with over 200,000 sows - 2017