Get acquainted with the Global Mega Producer

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 Twenty-seven pork producers with each over 100,000 sows can claim the title of Global Mega Producers. The Mega Global Producers are as diverse as their geographic location

Founded in 1996, Zhengbang Group is a national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise with headquarter office in Nanchang City of Jiangxi Province, China. Today Zhengbang Group is recognized as a Global Mega Producer managing over 220,000 sows.

In 2007, Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology Co., Ltd became a listing company in Shenzhen Security Exchange Market, which was the first private company becoming a listing company in Jiangxi province.

Zhengbang group covers the following 5 business, feed, farming, planting, finance, and logistics. It is among top 500 enterprises and top 100 listing companies in China. Zhengbang owns 480 branch companies and 45,000 staff spread around 29 different areas in China. In 2017, the output value of Zhengbang group has broken through 70 billion RMB (14.4 million US Dollars)

Mrs. Jing; Breeding Manager and Director of Research, Zhangbang Lorne Tannas; General Manager, Genesus China Mr. Wang Chuang; Vice President of Investments, Zhangbang Edwiin Hong; Market Development, Genesus China

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