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Program sponsored by Genesus Inc. in collaboration with National Hog Farmer

ZhengBang Corporation, a leading company in the agriculture industry, is raked as one of the China Top 500 Companies.

ZhengBang has 480 subside companies and 45,000 employees. The main business sectors include: swine production, feed manufacturing, logistic and finance services.

Its core asset – ZhengBang Technology –  Launched in 2007 with focus on swine production. Its main swine production is based locate in JiangXi, HeiLongJiang, HuBei and ShangDong  province in China.

Today ZhengBang Technologie :

  • An inventory, rapidly reaching 300,000 sow
  • 4 million market hogs sold
  • 7 GGP/GP nuclear farms and 5 multiplication farms
  • $ 803 million in revenue

In last two years, ZhengBang has transitioned from “farrowing to finishing” business model to contracting with local farmers for finishing. By 2020, the output target is set at 20 million market hogs.

Let’s congratulate ZhengBang  for being part of the Global Mega Producers.

Mr. Cai Feixiang, Breeding director of the Jiangxi Zheng bang Technology Share Holding Co. Mr. Wang Chuang, Dean of Jiangxi Zheng Bang Academy of Agricultural
Mr. Yaping Gu, Director of Sales, Genesus China
Mr. Edwiin Hong, Business Development, Genesus China

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