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Twenty-seven pork producers with each owing over 100,000 can claim the title of Global Mega Producers this year. The Mega Global Producers are as diverse as their geographic location.

Today, a Global Mega Producer in the Pork industry, owning approximately 445,500 sows, Triumph Foods is recognized as a top processor and exporter of premium, fresh pork products worldwide and is expanding further with its 50% ownership of Daily’s Premium Meats, which produces a variety of cured bacon, smoked hams, and breakfast sausage for both food service and retail sectors.

Also, a joint venture Seaboard Triumph Foods,LLC fresh pork processing plant that began operating in September 2017, in Sioux City, Iowa.

Triumph Foods, LLC was organized in 2003 by a group of the largest U.S. independent pork producers whose goal was to create a pork processing operation capable of recognizing the benefits of an integrated business model.

The five big hog producers that joined forces under the name of Triumph Foods are:

Christensen Farms

Greg Howard – VP of Strategic planning, Christensen Farm and Jim Long – President/CEO, Genesus Inc

Christensen Farms has again been recognized as a Global Mega Producer for 2018.  One of the largest family-owned pork producers in the United States, Christensen Farms, relies on the dedication of employees, contract farmers and producing partners.

Christensen has 142,500 sows in production in multiple states. The company will only add production if it fits into their integrated model.  Dedicated to providing wholesome, safe, nutritious food around the world has made Christensen a world leader in pork production.

Christensen is part of the Triumph Foods Group.  Recently the second shift of the new STF plant has come into production.

The company continues to look for diversity that fits their goals and value system.

Eichelberger Farms

Eichelberger Farms growth in Pork production is a constant. Working closely with the other Triumph owners builds a great foundation for sharing knowledge.
Eichelberger Farms started in the late 70’s. They have grown to a 54,000 sow operation with Nurseries and Finishers.  A culture of ownership with its employee’s has been created to the success of everyone working there.

“We need to empower our employees to make decisions, without fear of mistakes, to grow.  Our goals in the future are to grow responsibly in a pace that we can manage.” – Eichelberger Farms

Eichelberger has seen the growth in packing this year with the second shift opening in the Triumph/Seaboard Sioux City Iowa plant. Eichelberger is a producer that owns in partnership packing plants in Missouri and Iowa.  They produce pork for both domestic and international trade.

New Fashion Pork

Jim Rasmussen CFO- NFP(left)
Brad Freking, Owner NFP (middle)
Jim Long, CEO-President, Genesus Inc. (left)

New Fashion Pork is once again part of the Global Mega Producers.

From its beginning in 1998 a lot has changed for the company. Today operations extend from Wyoming to Indiana with International business diversity. Having a sustainable strategic plan, Land/Crops, Nutrient supply and Pigs, has always been a company goal.  

Today 30% of the company needs are supplied within.  Maintaining and achieving high health herds is also part of the plan. 

“You must continually be improving your plan to have success in the pork industry… Being part of the Triumph ownership group has been very important.  Working with like minded owners helps everyone achieve more success”.  states owner Brad Freking.

Today Triumph Foods represents 445,000 sows.  The STF plant in Sioux City Iowa is now operating the second shift.

Allied Producers Cooperative

The mission of “Allied Producers’ Cooperative,” an allocation unit of “America’s Premium Pork,” is to support the actions of Triumph Foods by complying with production and ethical guidelines, balancing the relationship between members of Allied Producers’ Cooperative receiving the maximum return per market hog delivered to Triumph Foods and the financial strength of Triumph Foods, and continuing the creation of expansion opportunities for all America’s Premium Pork members.


Merl Mortenson Managing Partner of Hanor, receives the GMP plaque from Tom Stinson, Genesus Inc

The Hanor Company celebrates another year on the Global Mega Producer list.  This is not surprising as the management team has been together since the start (1996).

The focus has always been on revenue per sow per year combined with high herd health and animal husbandry.

The Hanor Company started in 1996 and is part of the Triumph food system. Hanor has 225 dedicated employees.  Growing in all areas of production is an integral part of the company’s overall plan. 

This past year  Hanor grew 30,000 sows, from 70,000 to 100,000, with Nurseries and Finishers following.  The company is doing business in multiple states.  This year will also see the addition of the second shift at the Triumph/Seaboard Foods (STF) plant in Sioux City Iowa.

The Hanor Company is an integrated food company producing premium pork products for both domestic and international markets.

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