Production and marketing of Genesus is well established in Canada, Mexico and in the United States.The focus of Genesus is global. We have valued relationships throughout North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

At Genesus, we realize producers demand genetics that will produce large litters of healthy, fast-growing pigs that will produce high-quality, lean carcasses. Genetics must be profitable… Genesus genetics delivers on this promise.

The heart and soul of the Genesus genetic program is a huge commitment to genetic research and development.

The Genesus mission is to produce the best pig in the world! Although we may already be there, we continue to improve our product.

Genesus ownership, geneticists, technicians and stockmen are relentlessly driving to this end. We use all the modern genetics tools including:

  • Nineteen primary and secondary nucleus units.
  • Utilization of time-tested, classic population genetic principles based on thousands upon thousands of yearly performance tests.
  • Rapid generation turnover and high selection intensity at the nucleus level accelerate positive genetic change.
  • A performance records database seven generations deep on pedigreed, performance-tested boars and gilts to elevate the accuracy and efficiency of using estimated breeding values.

To maximize genetic progress Genesus has established one of the worlds largest pedigree purebred herds.

Genesus believes in the pedigree purebred with large populations of Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc. The results of our multi-generational purebred testing program can be seen with the tremendous production our customers are achieving. The ultimate bottomline of a genetic programs success.

Qualified technicians using certified, modern ultrasound equipment measure back fat, muscle depth and lean meat percentage. Although Genesus boars and gilts are already lean with high muscle conformation we continue to work tirelessly to make them even better.

Genesus has invested heavily in transponder feeding systems for testing of boars. This makes the dream of measuring feed consumption of individual animals kept in groups a practical reality. This individual consumption data, when combined with average daily gain, yields individual feed conversions.

The ability to measure individual feed conversions is a huge advantage for Genesus customers. Genetics of the future will need more than just rapid growth. Increasingly more expensive feed makes the need for evermore efficient growth undeniable.

Genesus boars can be purchased live or from one of our dedicated artificial insemination units. Intensive biosecurity and health protocols are strictly adhered to at the artificial insemination centers. The latest technology is utilized to ensure excellent results on your farm.

The natural isolation of the Canadian prairies and biosecurity discipline has enabled Genesus to achieve an excellent health status. All nucleus and multiplication herds are constantly monitored by certified veterinarians for diseases like PRRS, pneumonia, swine influenza, APP and TGE. Genesus meets or exceeds all import requirements anywhere in the world. Bottom line… you can have the utmost confidence in Genesus health!

Since 1998 Genesus has done weekly meat quality analysis on nucleus animals. These weekly tests measure pH, Minolta color, intramuscular fat, water-holding capacity, and primal weights.

Data from weekly meat quality tests is combined with Genesus’ 7-generation-deep performance database to produce meat quality Estimated Breeding Values, EBVs. The Genesus genetics team uses these EBVs to jointly select for performance and quality improvement.

The result is a meat quality of today’s Genesus that exceeds all requirements for the commercial slaughter industry and the end user, the consumer.

The Genesus meat quality program is an investment in continuing progress. Our stated goal is to have the best pig in the world! We mean the best not only from the production perspective but also from the perspective of the packer and the consumer.

It’s important that the consumers’ pork experience is a good one they want to repeat over and over. Higher pork demand drives hog prices higher. We know our customers have a meat product the marketplace craves!

Genesus performs exceedingly well in commercial production.


Genesus genetics have the strong legs and calm temperament necessary in today’s modern swine production systems. Our genetic technicians always make sure that feet and legs are thoroughly screened at selection. Longevity of sows in production is critical to return on your genetic investment. Genesus commercial herds routinely achieve the goal of weaning over 50 pigs per gilt purchased, with some reaching as high as 70.


The ability of Genesus genetics to provide you large numbers of even pigs is extraordinary. Many Genesus customers are achieving over 25 pigs weaned per sow per year. To put it bluntly, we believe no other genetics company has a greater percentage of its customer base achieving such a high level of pigs weaned per sow per year.

Producers who achieve high pig numbers have the financial ability to withstand the harsh downside of the market cycle.

The Genesus sow has the ability to consume large quantities of feed while lactating, feed a lot of pigs to high weaning weights, and then do it all over again without pause.

The Genesus sow is calm.  Her large born litters become large weaned litters… 150-lb litter weights at weaning are standard. The Genesus sow returns to estrus quickly and most Genesus commercial herds achieve over 90% conception.


The high health of Genesus can be seen in the commercial nursery. A strong weaned pig with no major health challenges starts fast, grows fast, and has a low mortality.

The sow’s high lactation appetite and her high milk production drives her healthy pigs through the nursery.  Her uniform litters preserve their uniformity throughout the growth period in the nursery.

Genesus pigs are calm resulting in healthy Genesus pigs that are much easier to manage and therefore more productive.


Uniform, high-health pigs moved from the nursery to the finisher get off to an extraordinary start on their way to market.

Throughput in modern production facilities is critical.  Uniform pigs with good feet and legs and calm temperament are a throughput necessity.  Genesus delivers on all these characteristics.

The high appetite of the Genesus market hog drives average daily gain. We are proud to say that some of our market hog closeouts have had ADGs of 2 lbs/day and feed conversions under 2.7.  The harmony of nutrition, management, health and genetics is a beautiful thing to behold.

The Genesus market hog’s calm demeanor, strong feet and legs, uniformity, high appetite, good health and excellent feed conversion all add up to the type of hog all producers need to maximize results and profitability.

The results of Genesus research and development in carcass and meat quality are recognized at the packing plant. The Genesus market hog is achieving excellent grades and bringing excellent premiums, which maximizes customer returns.

Genesus market hogs are in demand. This not only enhances prices but also widens your marketplace options.

Genesus market hogs are what the packers want and what you need for today and the future.

Can you afford to not have Genesus Genetics in your operation?